About Us

Rose Room History
Rose Room had its Grand Opening on April 21, 2018. Friends & family joined to celebrate this momentous occasion. Owner Erica Taylor had dreamt of having such a place since forever. Although she plans corporate events in her professional career and uses her and her business partner/husband’s (Jimmie) house as the “family’s party spot”, she couldn’t wait until the day came for her to share a private space with clients and witness them plan and enjoy their own celebratory events.

Erica having the spirit to party came from her late mother (Rose) in which the room has been named after. Erica’s mother Rose was often the “life of the party” and was often mentioned as “the party didn’t start until Rose got there”. Although Rose Room wasn’t the first name that came up for the room, it became a no-brainer once Jimmie told Erica to name it after her mother. In addition, Erica’s seven siblings thought that was a great idea and had to second this notion.